Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Developer Preview

Microsoft has released the Win­dows 8 Devel­op­er Pre­view.  This down­load is a full ver­sion of the pre-beta Win­dows 8 build and is chock full of dis­claimers regard­ing its sta­bil­i­ty.  Need­less to say, I had to down­load it and give it a shot.  The down­load (2.8GB to 4.8GB) can be found linked off the front page of the Win­dows Dev Cen­ter.  I decid­ed to down­load the full ver­sion with all the Metro devel­op­ment good­ness though there is a lighter ver­sion with­out all the devel­op­er tools.

The Win­dows 8 Pre­view Guide (PDF) is pret­ty impres­sive.  It is a nice, clean overview of Win­dows 8.  Of course, the net is going to be sat­u­rat­ed with info in just a few days now that it is pub­licly avail­able.  I also high­ly rec­om­mend check­ing out the Build Keynote which pro­vides some of the eye can­dy you can look for­ward to.

I was­n’t as sur­prised to see ARM sup­port as Microsoft has made it clear it was com­ing.  I was sur­prised to see a 32-bit ver­sion for down­load.  I sup­pose it might be a bit lighter weight (at .8GB < the x64 ver­sion) for those just want­i­ng to pull it up in a VM to give it test run.

I was excit­ed when I saw the Live Con­nect tech­ni­cal pre­view (site does­n’t work w/ Chrome) until I real­ized it is only the SDK.