vbScript: Adding and Removing a Domain Group to a Local Group

Yes, I still use vbscript. Someday, I’ll get to work in an environment where everything is upgraded. Until then, I have to rely on the tried and true vbscript.

One of the most common uses of a Group Policy startup script is for adding users to the local admin group. Just google it and you will find hundreds of scripts doing just that, batch files, posh, vbscript, perl, etc. I wrote the script below because I wanted the flexibility to reuse this script at any client and for any group (not just Administrators but Remote Desktop Users or Power Users).

The config section takes three arguements: Action, strLocalGroup, strDomainGroup.

  • Action: Can be either “Add” or “Remove”. It will either add the domain group to the local group or remove it.
  • strLocalGroup: The name of the local group (e.g. Administrators, Power Users, etc.). I tested w/ all the standard built-in groups.
  • strDomainGroup: The name of the domain group to add to the local group. Note: The workstation has to be a member of the same domain the group resides in.

Download the script (zipped): add-remove-domain-group-to-local-group

' VBScript Source File
' NAME: Add/Remove Domain Group to Local Group
' AUTHOR: Andrew J Healey
' DATE  : 2011.07.08
' COMMENT: Will add or remove the domain group specified 
'	  to/from the local group specified.
' USAGE: Modify the config section to match your env. 
'	The "Action" can be "Remove" or "Add"

Option Explicit
Dim strDomainGroup, strLocalGroup, Action

'--------- START CONFIG SECTION ---------
Action = "Add" ' or Remove
strLocalGroup = "Administrators"
strDomainGroup = "Local-Workstation-Admins"
'--------- END CONFIG SECTION ---------

' Enable error handling routine to ensure startup
' script doesn't throw error at users
On Error Resume Next

Dim strDomain, strComputer
Dim objNetwork, objLocalGroup, objDomainGroup

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") 
strDomain = objNetwork.UserDomain
strComputer = objNetwork.ComputerName

Set objLocalGroup = GetObject("WinNT://" & _
		 strComputer & "/" & strLocalGroup) 
Set objDomainGroup = GetObject("WinNT://" & _
		 strDomain & "/" & strDomainGroup)

' Do Work
Select Case Action
	Case "Remove"
	Case "Add"
End Select

' Clean up objects
Set objDomainGroup = Nothing
Set objLocalGroup = Nothing 
Set objNetwork = Nothing


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