Windows Server 2008 Print Services – ntprint.inf and 64-bit

Server 2008
The Good Ole' Days

Due to some unforeseen issues with our 2003 R2 print server, I decided it was about time to build up a new print server.  The old print server was built up by another person and it was never very stable so this was a good time to start with a clean slate.

Our old server was a Dell Poweredge with a 32-bit proc.  This time, we are going to use our new VMWare ESX environment to stand up a 2008 Server in 64-bit.

Everything went well until I got to our Dell Printers.  I added the 64-bit drivers and setup the printer.  All was well.  I went to the sharing tab in the printer properties to add x86 (32-bit) support.  I checked the box and got an error: Read More