vbScript: Tweaking Power Settings (disabling hibernate and standby)

As is often the case in IT, when you need to push out that software package or migrate that computer to a new domain, it isn’t on the network.  This has come up several times in the past year and I wanted to share my solution.  Now, this isn’t the “greenest” solution because this will ensure your clients never go into a power saving mode.  However, it can be a temporary fix for a project.  It can also be adapted to force standby or hibernate at specific thresholds.

While Windows 7 and Vista make this task simple, XP is still a reality in most enterprises and SMB’s and therefore, must be taken into account.  The script below does just that.  Some additional examples can be found at the US Government’s Energy Star website.

Note: Copying the script from the webpage may cause formatting issues.  You can download the script here: tweak-power-settings.vbs
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