vbScript: Tweaking Power Settings (disabling hibernate and standby)

As is often the case in IT, when you need to push out that soft­ware pack­age or migrate that com­put­er to a new domain, it isn’t on the net­work.  This has come up sev­er­al times in the past year and I want­ed to share my solu­tion.  Now, this isn’t the “green­est” solu­tion because this will ensure your clients nev­er go into a pow­er sav­ing mode.  How­ev­er, it can be a tem­po­rary fix for a project.  It can also be adapt­ed to force stand­by or hiber­nate at spe­cif­ic thresh­olds.

While Win­dows 7 and Vista make this task sim­ple, XP is still a real­i­ty in most enter­pris­es and SMB’s and there­fore, must be tak­en into account.  The script below does just that.  Some addi­tion­al exam­ples can be found at the US Gov­ern­men­t’s Ener­gy Star web­site.

Note: Copy­ing the script from the web­page may cause for­mat­ting issues.  You can down­load the script here: tweak-power-settings.vbs
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