Should I be excited to finally receive a Nigerian scam e-mail?

This week­end, I final­ly received my first Niger­ian scam e-mail. In actu­al­i­ty, this is prob­a­bly not the first but it is the first one to make it through the e-mail fil­ters. I have to admit, I have felt a lit­tle left out over the past few years. I always heard about these e-mails but I nev­er received one. Here is the text from the mes­sage:

From: clement­mat­tins
Sin­cere Greet­ing,
I’m Mr. Clement Mat­tins from bank of Africa. firstly,accept my apolo­gies ‚am the per­son­al accoun­tant to Dr. Ravin­dra F. Shah who died with his wife Mrs. Man­ju­la Parikh-Shah in a plane crash on 1st Oct. 2003 on their way to Boston. i came across ($8,500.000.00USD) in his bal­ance with our Bank (B.O.A), then i want you to pro­vide an account where this mon­ey will be trans­fer into for both of us, If you are will­ing to assist me, there­fore you should con­tact me imme­di­ate­ly you receive this E-mail for more detail, Regards Mr Clement Mat­tins Tele­phone: +226 78 31 77 67

After look­ing around the net, it became obvi­ous that this is a 419 scam. A few ideas came to mind. Should I play along and screw with the scam­mer? Should I report this to some offi­cial gov­ern­ment agency?

In the end, I decid­ed to just let it go. I tried for­ward­ing the mes­sage to the secret service’s 419 scam e-mail address but it just bounced. It just piss­es me off that peo­ple fall for these scams. It also wor­ries me that in the cur­rent eco­nom­ic cli­mate, more and more peo­ple will fall for these scams. The pub­lic at large is aware of this type of gener­ic scam. How­ev­er, these scam­mers have adapt­ed their meth­ods and are becom­ing more clever.

Noth­ing made this more clear than Date­line NBC’s episode on, what they call, Work-from-home scams. The sad part is that these scams are orig­i­nat­ing in the same place as the scam e-mail I received. I guess these peo­ple will always find a way to make a quick buck.


  1. Came to your blog from your sig­na­ture block over at activedir. Good look­ing blog. Just an add on to this not sure if you have been to this site

    That guy real mess­es with the 419 guys. Some of them are real­ly good.

    Thanks for your serv­cie to our coun­try too. Hoooaaahh!!

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