RPM/yum Database Corruption

Jumped onto my serv­er and noticed a few out of date pack­ages. A quick % sudo yum update report­ed the fol­low­ing:

error: rpmdb: BDB0113 Thread/process 12323/139745043400512 failed: BDB1507 Thread died in Berkeley DB library
error: db5 error(-30973) from dbenv->failchk: BDB0087 DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
error: cannot open Packages index using db5 - (-30973)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

For­tu­nate­ly, the fix was easy:
% sudo rpm --rebuilddb

Once com­plete, yum update worked like new.

Virtualbox on Windows 8 Host - Poweshell Code to Fix Resume from Standby Network Issue

I’ve always been a big fan of Vir­tu­al­box.  It has some of the best tools for con­vert­ing images between dif­fer­ent hyper­vi­sors and is a leader in its sup­port for dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions.  Vir­tu­al­box is a great option for test­ing out new or dif­fer­ent OS’s and con­fig­u­ra­tions.  I don’t have to run a crip­pled hyper­vi­sor on my sys­tem or run some tri­al­ware just to try the lat­est bits.

Microsoft made a lot of changes to the Win­dows 8 net­work stack.  One of the more obvi­ous is the speed in which net­work con­nec­tions resume from sleep or stand­by.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, since run­ning Vir­tu­al­box on the Dev Pre­view and on the Final Release, a bug in the Vir­tu­al­box Bridged Adapter breaks net­work con­nec­tiv­i­ty.  Below are a few ways to work around this issue.  You can find more at the bug­traq I sub­mit­ted to Ora­cle here: https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/10317.

Option 1: Disable Virtualbox Bridged Adapter

For me, NAT adapters had too many draw backs to my test­ing and use.  But, this is how I have been run­ning until I got off my lau­rels and auto­mat­ed the disable/enable rou­tine out­lined in option 3.

  1. In Win­dows, go to: Con­trol Pan­el­Net­work and Inter­net­Net­work Con­nec­tions
  2. Right click the affect­ed/in-use net­work adapter and select prop­er­ties
  3. In the items list, uncheck the Vir­tu­al­Box Bridged Net­work Adapter
  4. Hit OK and you should be all set

Option 2: Disable/Re-Enable Adapters After Resuming

Doing this man­u­al­ly is extreme­ly labo­ri­ous and usu­al­ly ends up with you giv­ing up on bridged adapters.  Either select option 1 or 3.  But, it may save you if you just installed Vir­tu­al­box and haven’t had the chance to imple­ment option 1 or 3.

  1. In Win­dows, go to: Con­trol Pan­el­Net­work and Inter­net­Net­work Con­nec­tions
  2. Right click the affect­ed/in-use net­work adapter and select dis­able
  3. Right click the affect­ed/in-use net­work adapter and select enable

Option 3: Automate Option 2

The fol­low­ing steps will cre­ate a task that will auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­able and reen­able you net­work adapters upon resume.  This will slow down recon­nects but will allow the use of the Vir­tu­al­Box Bridged Net­work Adapter.

  1. Cre­ate and save a script with the fol­low­ing com­mand:
    1. gwmi Win32_NetworkAdapter -EnableAll­Priv­i­leges | ? { $_.PhysicalAdapter -and $_.NetEnabled } | % { $_.Disable(); $_.Enable() }
  2. Open the Event Log and go the the Sys­tem Event Log
  3. Look/Search/Filter for Event ID 1, Source Pow­er-Trou­bleshoot­er
  4. Right click on Event and select “Attach Task to this Event”
  5. In the Action sec­tion, under Program/script, enter: powershell.exe
  6. In the Argu­ments sec­tion, enter: c:scriptsvirtualbox-hack.ps1
    1. Make sure the path and name match­es what you named your script in step 1
  7. On the fin­ish screen, check the box “Open the Prop­er­ties dia­glog…” and press OK
  8. On the Gen­er­al tab of the task prop­er­ties, select:
    1. Run whether user is logged in or not”
    2. Run with high­est priv­ilges”
  9. Select OK. It should prompt you for cre­den­tials. Enter the cre­den­tials and you are done.

Fedora 11 Beta: First Reactions

It seems like just yes­ter­day that I got home from Iraq and refreshed my lap­top (Dell Lat­i­tude D610).  I ran Fedo­ra 8 the entire time I was in Hab­baniyah.  After get­ting home, I was excit­ed to get a chance to skip 9 and go right to Fedo­ra 10.  I did­n’t use it long before I got a new lap­top (Dell Lat­i­tude D630).  Lin­ux nev­er made it on the new lap­top.  After I read a review of Fedo­ra 11 Beta, I fig­ured it was worth a shot.  I down­loaded Gpart­ed LiveCD, opened up 20GB of space and popped in the DVD.  I split this post­ing into three sec­tions: the good, the mediocre and the ugly. Read More

Angelica June born…

So, I am post­ing this every­where and I now real­ize why new par­ents are so annoy­ing. Last night, at 11:52pm, near­ly 15 hours into labor, Rose gave birth to our first baby. She is the most beau­ti­ful thing I have ever seen. Rose had a pret­ty hard labor. Every­thing was pro­gress­ing pret­ty quick­ly until baby decid­ed she could­n’t make it down the birth canal. I am being blamed for her big head but I don’t real­ly care now.

The doc­tors had to do an emer­gency cesare­an sec­tion because of mom’s fever and baby’s heart rate. We were all scared but every­thing went smooth and she came out cry­ing and breath­ing on her own.

I don’t know how I am going to leave her or her mom in six days. It will prob­a­bly be the hard­est thing I’ve ever done.

Another Nephew

So, my sis­ter is going to have anoth­er boy. She sent out an e-mail today announc­ing the great news. I have no doubt he will be just as awe­some as my oth­er nephew, Hunter. I real­ly hope I will be home to meet the new addi­tion to my fam­i­ly before I leave for my deploy­ment. Con­grats Jess (and Sean, Lotus and Hunter!)!

It’s a Girl!!!

So, the offi­cial word is in. I’m kick­ing myself for not writ­ing down the ultra­sound tech­ni­cian’s name. If she is wrong, she owes me some mon­ey for the suf­fer­ing I have and will have to endure. After the appoint­ment, I came home from work and found pink clothes all over the house. I thought, “It’s start­ing!”

Truth­ful­ly though, I could­n’t be hap­pi­er. Every day, I think about what she is going to be like. I already know she will be stub­born. And, I have to admit that, she will prob­a­bly be dad­dy’s lit­tle girl. What can I say, I’m going to be a dad. What girl isn’t dad­dy’s lit­tle girl?

Here is a shot: baby0002.png.

Besides that, noth­ing much is new. Just enjoy­ing the fact that I am going to be a dad!

Oh yeah, her name… Angel­i­ca June. My lit­tle angle… I can already hear her say­ing, “But why dad­dy, I’m your lit­tle angle.”