Announcing New YouTube Channel: InfoSecTech Tools

infosectech-logoFor a while, I’ve been trolling the rich world of infosec tools offered in distributions like Kali Linux and BlackArch. Many of these tools have been a huge boost to my productivity and efficiency. Whether looking to defend a network, do network discovery, or just get a better idea of what tools adversaries use, learning these tool sets is critical to the success of today’s IT pros.

I’ll be covering tutorials on some of the more relevant infosec tools, scripts, and applications to the every day IT professional. For starters, I’ll be doing tutorials and demos of information gathering tools directly listed on the Kali Linux tools website. As I build out a streamlined process and home studio, I hope to improve the format and production quality, eventually introducing personal narration instead of text only, onscreen guides.

I’d love your input and feedback as I start down this path.

Follow along here on my blog or subscribe to the InfoSecTech YouTube channel.

Thanks for your support. I’m hoping this becomes a valuable contribution to the rich community of existing IT and infosec pros.